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A Business Consultant can have many functions and works across a variety of industries. They can help with the launch of a company, operations, marketing, financials, and/or general strategy.  

V2M Business Consultancy exists to act as external departments for small-medium size businesses within the entertainment industry. Our core disciplines include Marketing, Data Analytics, and Startup Administration. Our team of experienced executives will act as your guide whether you're starting a new business or your existing one is looking to expand onto the next phase.

Our company's focus is on the entertainment industry. It's unpredictable, exciting, fickle, and moves at the speed of light at times. We represent a variety of creatives within the industry, so understand the challenges it brings. We're the ideal partner for someone wanting to build within it.


  • Market Research

  • Strategy

  • Analytics

  • Budget Creation

Data Analytics

  • Database Development

  • Statistical Analysis

  • Projection Models

  • Data Reports

Startup Adminstration

  • Legal structure setup

  • Copyright filings

  • IRS filings

  • License & Permit filings

  • Financial Statements



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